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Agerman of the rap group 3X Krazy (Three Times Crazy)

At 9 years of age, God called Agerman to be a minister of the Gospel, and by the time he was 11 years old he preached his first sermon.However, he backslid at the age of 14, and began following the ways of the world. During his time away from God, he formed the rap group 3X Krazy (Three Times Crazy) and signed a record deal with Virgin/Noo Tribe Records. In 1996, 3X Krazy released their debut album entitled “Stackin’ Chips” which included the hit single “Keep It On The Real”.For a d├ębut album, “Stackin’ Chips” was very successful, it sold over 100,000 units and displayed the talent that God had given this young artist.Nevertheless this talent was not being used for the glory of God, and in 1998 God called Agerman back to the ministry.

Since coming back to the Lord, Agerman has recorded ten (10) gospel rap albums. Each of these releases was designed to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a call to repentance. His new release entitled “Lazarus Come Forth” continues the ministry of Agerman as he seeks to tell the world “The Truth” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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