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Convicted Craigslist killer tells court, 'kiss my a**'

The trial of Clabon Berniard, a suspect in the Craigslist murder, was interrupted Tuesday when his alleged accomplice, convicted killer Kiyoshi Higashi, refused to testify.

Berniard is the fourth person to be tried in the April 2010 murder of Jim Sanders. Sanders was killed in hisEdgewood home.

Higashi, the gunman convicted in the murder and sentenced to 124 years, had agreed last week to testify against Berniard.

After special preparations were made to transport Higashi to the courthouse, he took the stand Tuesday morning.

When the court asked Higashi if he was ready to begin his testimony he replied, "I just came here to waste yall’s time. I came here to tell you to kiss my ass."

Higashi's refusal to testify forced the judge to dismiss the jurors and stop the trial for the rest of the day.

In addition to Higashi, Berniard’s two other alleged accomplices, Amanda Knight and Joshua Reese, have been convicted and sentenced to 71 and 100 years in prison, respectively.

Prosecutors contend the four individuals knocked on Sanders' door, claiming to be interested in a ring Sanders had listed for sale on Craigslist.

When Sanders let the suspects inside, police said they Zip Tied the entire family and then shot and killed Sanders.

Berniard's trial is expected to resume Wednesday.


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