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Double Decker Walmart Opens in NE Dallas

DALLAS, Texas —
You probably haven’t shopped in a Walmart like this before.

"It’s a double decker concept," says Manager Jerrad Boyles.

Walmart is on the top floor, Sam's Club is on the bottom floor and includes a three-level parking garage.

With a ribbon cutting that brought out the Mayor of Dallas, the new store in Northeast Dallas is open to the public. But only half of the store is open. Sam's Club will open next month.

In addition to this being a brand new concept store, this Walmart brought in 300 new jobs. Many of the employees live in the area.

"I would say at least 95%, if not more, live within a two-mile radius of our store," said Boyles.

And for many, landing a job was just what they needed in this tough economy.

"I had been out of work for like two and-a-half years," said Dianne Carrington.

So why go double decker? The company’s first reason is convenience. Everybody seems to loves the one-stop shopping concept. Also..

"This double decker really maximizes the amount of land that we’re using," said Daniel Morales of Walmart.

This saves money for the company and makes the customers happy.

"I’m a shopaholic. Especially at Walmart. This is going to be my new home," said Jessica Williams Bustamante.

As for the two-store trend, expect at least five more of these stores in the Metroplex.

"We believe it’s going to be a huge success," said Boyles.

The feature that got a lot of attention was the store's escalator for shopping carts.

"We have a pully system where we can bring carts down from Walmart down to the garage level," said Morales.

Traffic was steady this morning but with back to school and tax free weekend coming up, this double decker will likely get decked out with customers.

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