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Game Talks Discovering Rap Through "Beat Street", X-Box 360, and His Vision for "The R.E.D. Album"

Game only gets tougher as he keeps going.

As evidenced by his new masterpiece, The R.E.D. Album [available now], the West Coast's finest MC takes his own style and hip hop to a new level every time he gets behind the mic.

Game isn't afraid to go outside the box. In fact, he often burns it down completely on cuts like, "Martians Vs. Goblins" [Featuring Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne]. He also knows how to write a hit though. Just check out the heavenly and hypnotic hook on "Pot of Gold" [Featuring Chris Brown]. The best moments are when he's spitting straight from his gut though. You can practically feel the heat of Compton on "The City", and Game is one of the few rappers that can muster that much intensity in the space of a little more than five minutes.

Game has a hell of a story, and editor and Dolor author Rick Florino sat down with him for a deep, detailed exclusive interview. Game talks about how he found hip hop [you're going to be surprised], why he loves X-Box 360, and his overarching vision for The R.E.D. Album. He's got a lot of knowledge, and you'll learn a thing or two in this incredible interview below.

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