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PowerInbox Revolutionizing E-mail So You Never Have To Leave Your Inbox

New e-mail platform brings apps to e-mail in the same way iPhone brought apps to your phone


If the iPhone brought apps to your phone, the newly launched browser extension PowerInbox wants to be the iPhone for your inbox. The goal? To become the future of e-mail.

Currently the platform has three apps that make checking e-mail more productive and interactive: Facebook, Twitter and Groupon.

Here's how it works: Let's say you receive an e-mail notification from Facebook that says someone wrote on your wall. Instead of the e-mail merely linking you to the site so you can interact there, the Facebook "PowerApp" allows you to not only view the post but also see comments and write your own. Similarly, you can watch videos and see photos posted on Facebook from your inbox.

The Twitter app lets you see recent tweets, reply and follow people. When you open a Groupon e-mail, you can see a live countdown of the deal and whether it's been tipped.

PowerInbox plans to bring many more apps like LivingSocial, DropBox and LinkedIn. They're encouraging developers to make their own and asking users to choose which apps they'd like to see next.

In a nutshell, they're revolutionizing the e-mail experience so you never have to leave your inbox.

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