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Texas smoke shops prepare for enforcement of K2 ban

DALLAS, TX— Adam Rivera can quickly tell you which small packages inside the smoke shop he manages in Bedford are the hot sellers.

"We sell a lot of this product," Rivera, who operates The Dragon's Breath, said.

Rivera says the botanical incense sold under various names is sold only to adults and only for proper use and makes up more than half of sales on some days. But, soon the product that can mimic the high of marijuana if smoked will be illegal in Texas.

"To see this ban is just sad because it will really hamper our profits."

Smoke shops across Texas are bracing for what lawmakers call the "K2" ban, outlawing herbal products sold under various names. Beginning in September, it will be illegal to manufacture, distribute or possess what some call synthetic marijuana.

Fort Worth State Senator, Wendy Davis co-authored the legislation and says it gives police departments the tool they need to get a dangerous drug off the streets.

"If it does come to their attention, they can make an arrest if they want to.'"

The federal government, under the DEA took action last year to outlaw K2, but distributors tweaked formulas and names that helped keep the product legal. Some say the statewide ban will curtail use.


"My hope is that it will be less accessible and if you can't find it then that might be a deterrent," Debbie Meripolski, with The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, said

But, Rivera isn't so sure. He believes the ban may only chase the use, underground.

"History has shown that by prohibiting use, the wrong people start selling it."

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