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America's Next Top Model

The CW's hit series America's Next Top Model returns to the world of high fashion with Cycle 16.

Lending their expertise as guest judges during this high-fashion cycle are international fashion designer Lana Marks, model/stylist Erin Wasson, stylist Rachel Zoe, Sudanese model and actress Alek Wek, stylist/creative consultant Lori Goldstein, Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, fashion model Sonia Dara, IMG Models executive Ivan Bart, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel, and costume designer/stylist Eric Daman (Gossip Girl).

Fourteen model hopefuls will compete for the ultimate career-launching prize package: a contract with IMG Models, one of the top international modeling management companies in the world; a fashion spread in Vogue Italia and an additional spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue; and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics.

Tyra Banks leads the panel of judges, comprised of influential fashion editor André Leon Talley and photographer Nigel Barker.

Jackie Chan: Still not dead, no thanks to Facebook

If Social Media could kill, celebrities would be in big, big trouble. Seriously, Facebook -- stop trying to kill off Jackie Chan!

The action star is the victim of yet another internet death hoax. A Facebook group with over 50,000 members is titled "R.I.P. Jackie Chan," and claims that the actor died on August 17, 2011. Well, rest assured... he didn't.

It's not Chan's first time on the social networking chopping block. In March, he was forced to reassure fans via his official website when Twitter rumors of his death in a snowboarding accident and/or heart attack and/or fall off a cliff ran rampant. "Jackie Chan is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports," the message said.

Luckily, this isn't one of those "If you die in the game, you die in real life!" situations.

Texas smoke shops prepare for enforcement of K2 ban

DALLAS, TX— Adam Rivera can quickly tell you which small packages inside the smoke shop he manages in Bedford are the hot sellers.

"We sell a lot of this product," Rivera, who operates The Dragon's Breath, said.

Rivera says the botanical incense sold under various names is sold only to adults and only for proper use and makes up more than half of sales on some days. But, soon the product that can mimic the high of marijuana if smoked will be illegal in Texas.

"To see this ban is just sad because it will really hamper our profits."

Smoke shops across Texas are bracing for what lawmakers call the "K2" ban, outlawing herbal products sold under various names. Beginning in September, it will be illegal to manufacture, distribute or possess what some call synthetic marijuana.

Fort Worth State Senator, Wendy Davis co-authored the legislation and says it gives police departments the tool they need to get a dangerous drug off the streets.

"If it does come to their attention, they can make an arrest if they want to.'"

The federal government, under the DEA took action last year to outlaw K2, but distributors tweaked formulas and names that helped keep the product legal. Some say the statewide ban will curtail use.


"My hope is that it will be less accessible and if you can't find it then that might be a deterrent," Debbie Meripolski, with The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, said

But, Rivera isn't so sure. He believes the ban may only chase the use, underground.

"History has shown that by prohibiting use, the wrong people start selling it."

Cigarette makers sue FDA over new labeling rules

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Four big cigarette makers sued the Food and Drug Administration, seeking to void as unconstitutional new graphic labels and advertising that warn consumers about the risks of smoking and induce them to quit.

The lawsuit by Reynolds American Inc's R.J. Reynolds unit, Lorillard Inc, Liggett Group LLC and Commonwealth Brands Inc, owned by Britain's Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, said the warnings required no later than September 22, 2012 would force cigarette makers to "engage in anti-smoking advocacy" on the government's behalf.


Pictures: Graphic Health Warnings for Cigarette Packages

Tips on quitting smoking for good

They said this violates their free speech rights under the First Amendment, according to a complaint filed Tuesday with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

"The notion that the government can require those who manufacture a lawful product to emblazon half of its package with pictures and words admittedly drafted to persuade the public not to purchase that product cannot withstand constitutional scrutiny," said Floyd Abrams, a prominent First Amendment specialist representing the cigarette makers, in a statement.

An FDA spokeswoman declined to comment, citing an agency policy not to discuss pending litigation.

The 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act requires color warnings covering the top half of the front and back panels of cigarette packages, and the top 20 percent of printed advertising.

Dead bodies, diseased lungs and rotting teeth are among the images expected to appear, in the first change to U.S. cigarette warnings in 25 years.

Reynolds' brands include Camel, Winston and Kool; Lorillard brands include Newport and True; Commonwealth brands include Davidoff, and Liggett brands include Eve.


The cigarette companies are the largest in the United States other than Altria Group Inc, whose brands include Marlboro and which is not part of the case. Altria had previously supported the 2009 law.

"Certain provisions of the final rule raise constitutional concerns," Altria spokesman Bill Phelps said. "We continue to work constructively with the FDA, and reserve our rights and options to protect the company."

A smaller cigarette maker, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co, is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, which also seeks to delay enforcement of other parts of the tobacco law.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services, in June said the new warnings would ensure that "every person who picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what risks they are taking."

She said the goal was to stop children from starting to smoke, and to give adult smokers a new incentive to quit.


But in their complaint, the cigarette companies said the labels illegally force them to make consumers "depressed, discouraged and afraid" to buy cigarettes, and turn each package into a "mini-billboard" for the government.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 46 million U.S. adults, or 20.6 percent, smoke cigarettes, but there has been little change in the percentage since 2004.

More than 221,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011, according to the American Cancer Society. Tobacco is expected to kill nearly 6 million people worldwide in 2011, including 600,000 nonsmokers, the World Health Organization said in May.

The case is R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co et al v. FDA, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, No. 11-01482.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel; Additional reporting by Anna Yukhananov in Washington, D.C.; editing by Bernard Orr, Carol Bishopric, Phil Berlowitz)

Convicted Craigslist killer tells court, 'kiss my a**'

The trial of Clabon Berniard, a suspect in the Craigslist murder, was interrupted Tuesday when his alleged accomplice, convicted killer Kiyoshi Higashi, refused to testify.

Berniard is the fourth person to be tried in the April 2010 murder of Jim Sanders. Sanders was killed in hisEdgewood home.

Higashi, the gunman convicted in the murder and sentenced to 124 years, had agreed last week to testify against Berniard.

After special preparations were made to transport Higashi to the courthouse, he took the stand Tuesday morning.

When the court asked Higashi if he was ready to begin his testimony he replied, "I just came here to waste yall’s time. I came here to tell you to kiss my ass."

Higashi's refusal to testify forced the judge to dismiss the jurors and stop the trial for the rest of the day.

In addition to Higashi, Berniard’s two other alleged accomplices, Amanda Knight and Joshua Reese, have been convicted and sentenced to 71 and 100 years in prison, respectively.

Prosecutors contend the four individuals knocked on Sanders' door, claiming to be interested in a ring Sanders had listed for sale on Craigslist.

When Sanders let the suspects inside, police said they Zip Tied the entire family and then shot and killed Sanders.

Berniard's trial is expected to resume Wednesday.


Double Decker Walmart Opens in NE Dallas

DALLAS, Texas —
You probably haven’t shopped in a Walmart like this before.

"It’s a double decker concept," says Manager Jerrad Boyles.

Walmart is on the top floor, Sam's Club is on the bottom floor and includes a three-level parking garage.

With a ribbon cutting that brought out the Mayor of Dallas, the new store in Northeast Dallas is open to the public. But only half of the store is open. Sam's Club will open next month.

In addition to this being a brand new concept store, this Walmart brought in 300 new jobs. Many of the employees live in the area.

"I would say at least 95%, if not more, live within a two-mile radius of our store," said Boyles.

And for many, landing a job was just what they needed in this tough economy.

"I had been out of work for like two and-a-half years," said Dianne Carrington.

So why go double decker? The company’s first reason is convenience. Everybody seems to loves the one-stop shopping concept. Also..

"This double decker really maximizes the amount of land that we’re using," said Daniel Morales of Walmart.

This saves money for the company and makes the customers happy.

"I’m a shopaholic. Especially at Walmart. This is going to be my new home," said Jessica Williams Bustamante.

As for the two-store trend, expect at least five more of these stores in the Metroplex.

"We believe it’s going to be a huge success," said Boyles.

The feature that got a lot of attention was the store's escalator for shopping carts.

"We have a pully system where we can bring carts down from Walmart down to the garage level," said Morales.

Traffic was steady this morning but with back to school and tax free weekend coming up, this double decker will likely get decked out with customers.

Female MC'S Strike Back #5

Wrongkind Presents: Trials & Triv-ulations (Sneak Peek) - Lil Spank Booty

Nipsey Hussle - I Don't Give a Fucc *NEW* 2011

New Music *2011* Nipsey Hussle - The Marathon Mixtape

TSA Screeners Now Patting Black Women’s Hair?

It’s well known, especially around these parts, that hair can be a sensitive issue for Black women. Entire movies have been made about it, and countless articles have been written examining it. Just recently, CNN even highlighted the annoying phenomenon of strangers reaching out to touch African-American women’s hair (a phenomenon, I might add, that impacts lots of people of color in the United States, regardless of gender). Now, a new development in the world of air safety is sure to rile the already difficult and deep dialogue.

According to a new story in the New York Times, an increasing number of African-American women are having to suffer the indignity of “hair pat-downs” when traveling via plane. In his piece, “With Hair Pat-Downs, Complaints of Racial Bias,” Joe Sharkey says he’s heard of two recent incidents in which Transportation Security Administration workers asked to feel through Black womens’ hair after they’d already gone through normal security procedures. In both cases the women said they passed through metal detectors without issue, and that despite that fact they were still required to allow TSA screeners to rub their heads.

“Is it just African-American women with natural hair who get the hair search?” one woman asked. The TSA agent told her that race wasn’t a factor but that if “you have certain kinds of ponytail or bun, you have to get your hair patted.”

As you might imagine, the TSA denies ordering its workers to single-out Black women for hair pat-downs. But it’s obvious that racial profiling will be at play if screeners’ only directive is to look at “certain kinds” of hair. Screeners need proper training that will prepare them to choose between a possible terrorist suspect and an African-American woman with natural hair, especially since the natural hair trend is only getting bigger (no pun intended). If not, there’s going to be yet another sick bit of societal pressure compelling Black women to run away from their natural hair in favor of straight, simple, Eurocentric styles.

Willy F. Beamin feat. Mac Web - Respect My Presence (Director's Cut)

First official music video off Willy F. Beamin's "Any Given Sunday Vol.1" mixtape. Directed by: M.Ligons. Check out more videos and tracks off these sites:

Walmart Looks More Likely in Southeastern San Diego

Photo by Sam Hodgson
The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, a large nonprofit in southeastern San Diego, is in discussions to bring a Walmart to these eight acres on Market Street.

Residents of southeastern San Diego will likely have a new neighbor soon: Walmart.
A major nonprofit that owns large swaths of land in the area is close to an agreement that would bring the company's first store there, to a vacant parcel the nonprofit owns on Market Street near 47th Street.
A new Walmart would be one of the largest private retail investments the surrounding low income neighborhoods have seen in decades.
Chip Buttner, president of development for the nonprofit Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, said the decision is not yet final, but the center has convened a team of staff and community members to discuss terms, conditions and other benefits they could seek from the company in exchange for the right to develop there.
The nonprofit is working on an agreement that would name Walmart as the nonprofit's preferred choice to develop the sloping eight-acre parcel across the street from its headquarters. It could be done in the next month or so. The company requested that agreement before moving forward with a more specific development proposal, Buttner said.
Discussions have been ongoing for several months, since the nonprofit said it had attracted interest from both Walmart and Target to build a store on the parcel. It recently settled on Walmart as its preference for the site.
The Jacobs Center has been buying up property for a decade in southeastern San Diego's lower income Diamond neighborhoods, which have long suffered a dearth of retail options. The center owns roughly 60 acres, many of them drab vacant lots near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Market Street that it plans to develop into affordable housing, stores, and restaurants. A new Walgreens is also planned nearby.
Buttner said it was still too early to speculate on a timeline for a new Walmart's arrival, assuming the nonprofit makes a final decision to turn its land over for the company to develop.
"It could be two or three years," he said.

Rollin 4 Ka$h - Livin In The Hood (Music Video)

TONIGHT: All new Man v. Food Nation in Dallas on 08/17 @9pm E/P

Watch Adam in Dallas on Man v. Food Nation on 08/17 @9pm E/P on Travel Channel.


Huge s/o to XCLUSIVE MEDIA (facebook Superior Dave) the best out there!!!
Track produced by Yung VI

Kendrick Lamar Speaks With Snoop Dogg About Dr. Dre, Peers & Future Of Rap

Kendrick Lamar visits Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network to speak about what he feels new artists from Los Angeles are doing to preserve the legacy left behind by veterans.

With the recent release of Section.80, Kendrick Lamar has garnered more attention for his work. The buzz for the Compton, California emcee has grown considerably and co-signs have now been made, with significant stamps of approval coming from the likes of Snoop Dogg and another Compton representative, Dr. Dre. Recently, Snoop Dogg interviewed Kendrick Lamar on GGN (The Double G News Network) about the state of Rap and his relationship with Dr. Dre.

When asked about the state of the game, Kendrick Lamar spoke about his hopes to bring Los Angeles Rap back to the forefront, where he says he saw Snoop Dogg and others take it in earlier years.

"I think it's up to the new generation to put it to the perspective how y'all had it," he told Snoop. "I like where it's going. You have me, myself, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle [and] Jay Rock. It's getting back to a real G era where we're doing what we want to do and we're not going to do what the industry do. I like where it's at, as far as L.A."

Snoop followed this up be inquiring about unity among these rappers, noting that it's important to build on this unity and support. He then shared advice to Lamar, while also giving his blessing and telling him that the veterans are "through with it and don't know what to do with it."

"That's the thing this thing was built on. It was built on peace, love and harmony and once y'all understand that, y'all gon' go forever, man. Y'all gon' run with it because it's y'alls to play with. You know, we through with it and don't know what to do with it. We just sitting back, you know, watching, because we still know how to play. We know how to shoot and assist y'all. But, you know, it's really for y'all to make a new thing out of it and keep it fresh and fly. But, you know you have my blessing."

During the rest of the interview, Kendrick Lamar shared that Paul Rosenberg introduced him to Dr. Dre, who heard his track "Ignorance is Bliss" and was interested in his work. From there, he says, a relationship grew based on more than just music. The rest of the interview can be seen below.

Check out episode 2 of GGN's second season featuring Nemo Hoes and special guest Kendrick Lamar.

Behind The Scenes: J-Doe Ft. Busta Rhymes, David Banner & T-Pain "Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack (Remix)"

Rapper Jim Jones Speaks On Dipset Movie, "Fly Boy” Album With Cam'ron

In an interview with Invasion Radio, Jim Jones shares the details of the Dipset movie and speaks on new music from the crew.

According to rapper Jim Jones, the Harlem-based crew Dipset has quite a few interesting projects that are currently in the works. During his interview on DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio the rapper revealed that there’s a Dipset movie being worked on as well as an album with himself and Cam’ron.

Still in its initial stages Jones explained that they’re still in the process of gathering material for the Dipset movie.

“The movie’s gonna be good…The process is everybody writing down the most memorable moments inside of Diplomat history both the good and the bad. And how we manage to be in the midst of a transition in a period of time where young black kids like us was synonymous for hustling and making money,” Jones explained. “And we got a chance to go into music at a very young age and treat that like we was hustling so it was a little bit crazy to be honest. It’s hard to have one foot in and one foot out and learn that. This is a bigger business than the streets.”

Jones later went on to compare the Dipset movie to that of an action-flick.

“It’s like an action-flick man. It’s so many things we go through…It’s just a lot. We blessed to still be here and dodging a lot of things,” said the rapper. “It feels good every day to wake up and know that I don’t have to want for nothing.”

As far as the albums are concerned according to Jones the Diplomat album will be preceded by an album featuring both himself and Cam’ron.

“It’s a grinding process. I think me and Killa’s Fly Boy album will come out right before the Diplomat album. It’s an album that we set out to do years ago when we first started the Diplomat movement and we was setting up the different albums that we were doing under Diplomat Records,” said Jones in regards to the Fly Boy album.

Will Smith Currently Working On A Comeback Album

The Fresh Prince is putting Hollywood on hold to revive his once thriving music career.

With his last studio album Lost and Found dropping in 2005, Will Smith is ready to pick back up the mic. According to 1500 or Nothin’s Mars, the Fresh Prince is currently at work on his comeback album, which he mentioned while running down a list of his production team’s upcoming projects.

“We’re working on Tip, we’re working on the High School movie with Snoop and Wiz Khalifa. We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back,” Mars told “That’s actually him on the other line right now. Snoop’s daughter, we just put out her first single. We’re doing the whole album. Mario wants me to do a mixtape with him, we’re working on that. I’m working on Ashanti. We’re just working on as much as possible.”

As a solo artist, Smith released four albums, beginning with his nine-times-platinum 1997 debut Big Willie Style. Willenium followed in 1999, crossing the double-platinum threshold, while Born to Reign only achieved gold certification following its 2002 release. Lost and Found, also certified gold, was released in 2005.

Chargers Vs Cowboys

The Chargers likely will contend with triple-digit temperatures in Dallas, where they’ll practice Thursday through Saturday and kick off against the Cowboys at 7 p.m. CT Sunday.
SAN DIEGO – Questions about the weather in Dallas are based on more than hyperbole or the perception of spoiled San Diegans this week.

Mired in a record-setting hot summer and in what Texas state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon deemed the worst one-year drought in its history, Dallas will feel like an oven for the Chargers, who practice outside Thursday before holding merciful sessions indoors Friday and Saturday.

“In a football uniform, it’s been a while (since I’ve experienced that),” Rivers said. “We obviously don’t have the heat out here, but the one thing we do is practice at a high tempo and a high level. I expect us to be able to handle it much like if you had to go East for a game early in the year.”

A thunderstorm last week prevented the city from tying a 31-year-old record for most consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures. Dallas reached 100 degrees for 40 consecutive days.

The city has started a new streak since. The National Weather Service forecast calls for highs of 106, 105, 104 and 102 degrees Thursday through Sunday. Temperatures are not expected to dip below 80 while the Chargers are in Dallas.

“It’ll be a changeup for us and certainly an added dimension, but we should be alright for a few hours,” Rivers said.

RETURNING HOME: Head Coach Norv Turner and receiver Patrick Crayton will enjoy a homecoming of sorts this week.

Each spent significant portions of their careers in Dallas. Turner won back-to-back Super Bowls with the Cowboys as offensive coordinator in ’92 and ’93, helping Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin flourish.

Crayton played the first 82 of his career for the Cowboys, catching 50 passes for nearly 700 yards and seven touchdowns in ’07, his best season.

“I’m looking forward to getting back home and competing against some guys I used to play with,” Crayton said.

Dallas Head Coach Jason Garrett was Crayton’s offensive coordinator. Rob Ryan is now defensive coordinator, so Crayton doesn’t believe he’ll be able to gauge how well the Chargers’ offense is doing by comparing practice results during the next few days to his time in Dallas, though a lot of the defensive personnel remain the same.

“Tendencies may be there, but they’ll be in different spots,” Crayton said.

Agerman of the rap group 3X Krazy (Three Times Crazy)

At 9 years of age, God called Agerman to be a minister of the Gospel, and by the time he was 11 years old he preached his first sermon.However, he backslid at the age of 14, and began following the ways of the world. During his time away from God, he formed the rap group 3X Krazy (Three Times Crazy) and signed a record deal with Virgin/Noo Tribe Records. In 1996, 3X Krazy released their debut album entitled “Stackin’ Chips” which included the hit single “Keep It On The Real”.For a début album, “Stackin’ Chips” was very successful, it sold over 100,000 units and displayed the talent that God had given this young artist.Nevertheless this talent was not being used for the glory of God, and in 1998 God called Agerman back to the ministry.

Since coming back to the Lord, Agerman has recorded ten (10) gospel rap albums. Each of these releases was designed to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a call to repentance. His new release entitled “Lazarus Come Forth” continues the ministry of Agerman as he seeks to tell the world “The Truth” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2Meezy ft Mistah Fab "Here to Rock" Official Video

2Meezy ft Mistah Fab
Directed 2Meezy
Filmed,Edited by ARmedia

Mikey oOo - Snakes In The Grass (FreeStyle) Feat Antoine Dodson

Mikey oOo - Snakes In The Grass (FreeStyle) Feat Antoine Dodson (FreeStyle) Off The Family Matters MixTape "HIDE YOUR KIDS HIDE YOUR WIFE"

WE GETTIN IT IN - Chicago Hott Radio

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Dave Chappelle On Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, & Kanye West

Reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle gave his thoughts on bootylicious femcee Nicki Minaj during a recent radio interview. Chappelle has become less vocal than in his mid-2000s heyday, and this was his first interview in almost five years. The funnyman was also asked about Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album.
"I just downloaded it yesterday," Chappelle said when asked for his opinion on Watch the Throne. "I haven't listened to the whole record. Real talk. Actually, I did see Kanye at Coachella [music festival]. Which was great...He ripped it, it was a good show."
Dave was to the point when he was asked about Minaj. "Nicki Minaj? Yeah, she's a good looking girl," Chappelle said. "You keep asking me about all these girls. Nicki Minaj is a good looking girl."


San Diego police want to talk to Kobe Byrant about the alleged tussle he had with another man in church … over a cell PHONE picture.
Kobe was reportedly in the St. Therese of Carmel Church in Carmel Valley this past Sunday when he allegedly grabbed the phone out of a man’s hand.
According to KCBS-TV in Los Angeles — which first reported the incident — Kobe thought the man was using the phone to take pics of Kobe and his wife … but did not find any photos on the phone.
The man claims his wrist was injured.


Trey was out at Juliet on Monday night in New York snuggling up to his girl, when another lady comes up and allegedly starts yelling at both of them. According to eyewitnesses Trey’s main girl didn’t take to kindly to the side chick coming over and spoke her piece, which was not well recieved. The side chick got mad and punched Trey’s girl in the face, knocking her to the ground.