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SOUTHEAST RED VODKA - Gang-Violence Vodka Sparks Spat

Southeast Red Vodka, with a label that maps San Diego's gangs, is accused of profiteering. Vodka companies have many times used sex to sell the stuff at varying degrees of tastelessness, but a new brand's sales are apparently being boosted by gang violence. Southeast Red Vodka, distilled and bottled by Colorado-based Neradi3 LLC, comes in a frosted glass bottle that maps San Diego's notorious gangs on its label—all in red, a color associated with an infamous gang in the region. Locals are calling the liquor an attempt to cash in on the area's gang violence tasteless at best—and a “disaster waiting to happen” at worst. Mario Lewis, a leader of the community group 100 Strong, calls it “disgraceful” to “portray a community in gang-banging terms.” And at $20 for the 80-proof liquor, it's been flying off the shelves. San Diego accounted for the most gang-related killings in the US in the last year, and branding like this is unlikely to help alleviate the city's gang problem. Matthew T. Hall, a San Diego-based journalist, called the company hoping to get some answers for locals angry about an outsider profiteering from their region's violence problem. “If you are from southeastern San Diego, that's one thing,” he says. “If you grew up here and have pride in your neighborhood, maybe that's what this is about.” But he met with resistance from Southeast Red Vodka's spokesman: “You ain't getting no information... and I'd hate to have to sue you too. Because I really don't want to be in your article.”
San Diego citizens are concerned the cash-in could perpetuate gang violence

Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Wife - Roshawn Broadnax, 20, Arrested After His Wife Was Found With Life-Threatening Wounds

SPRING VALLEY, Calif. -- A woman was hospitalized in grave condition Wednesday as her 20-year-old husband sat in jail on suspicion of attempted murder and spousal abuse following an incident in Spring Valley, authorities said. Roshawn Lamar Broadnax was arrested after medics were called to tend to his wife in the 9500 block of Piedmont Street in Spring Valley around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, according to San Diego County sheriff's Lt. Larry Nesbit. Medics found Broadnax tending to his injured wife, who was taken to an area hospital but is not expected to survive, the homicide lieutenant said in a statement. The nature of her injuries was not disclosed. Broadnax was arrested and booked into San Diego Central Jail on suspicion of one count each of attempted murder and spousal abuse, Nesbit said.