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@StorminStakk speaks on San Diego Rap

It aint about who raps in San Diego or who can rap. Its about actual talent and street credibility. If your not known on the streets of San Diego aint nobody gone buy or promote your stuff no matter how tight you are. There is a lot of hard rappers but everybody dont got the street credibility or support to back up there raps. thats what its really about. The main artist in bthe city of San Diego are Tha Dosia Twinz (Stormin Stakk & Tiny Sixx), Big June, Baby Scar, South Resse, Young Hollywood, Marty Mac Phly, Kambino, Suga Shaft, Mitchy Slick, Don Diego, Damu, Black Mikey, B-Stone, 12 Gauge Shottie, Mary Jane Junkeez, Baby Bandit, I-Rocc, CeeWee 3, Googie Monsta, Treali Duce, Ecay Uno. Smigg Dirtee, Jayo Felony, Cricet, Bay Loc, Lil C.S, Mooch Massive. Dem the type of niggas that will bring the whole city out and if was on one label, the city of San Diego would be ON, there is a few I missed but other than those, the others dont really have the credibility in the streets to even rap. It sounds very good though. Thats just keeping it 100 !!

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